A Guaranteed Online Business Internship

Mobell Virtual Internship Course

Experience working at the Mobell Group online and avail of training & instruction on topics ranging from Social Enterprise to Leadership & Business English.

  1. Learn Charity & Social Enterprise from leaders in the field
  2. Learn practical Business English skills from business professionals
  3. Our Internship Course has a clear Social Mission- to fund employment at social enterprise ventures in Malawi, Africa.
  4. Learn practical Life Skills from professional IT & Leadership instructors in Malawi.
  5. Experience an Overseas Internship in English from the comfort of your home!
  6. Boost your Career Prospects by interning at a UK-based Charity & Social Enterprise
  7. All Profits used to Support Jobs & School Meals in Malawi

Meet the Mobell Group Instructors

With locations in the UK, USA & Japan our telecoms business provides mobile & travel solutions to a global customer base. We use profits generated from our various brands to create, foster and support social enterprise and school meals programmes in Malawi, Africa. Interns learn about charity and social enterprise from people working in real charitable and social enterprise organisations.


Declan Somers – Mobell Director
Volunteered in Malawi from 2012~2015 and thereafter developed the Inbound Market at Mobell Japan’s Tokyo office. Currently residing in Poland, Declan is responsible for online lessons in Charity & Social Enterprise.

Declan Somers

The Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise
The Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise is a Mobell Group funded social enterprise campus located near Blantyre City, Malawi. Its aim is to transform the community through the provision of jobs & educational opportunities. A good example of this is the St. John Paul II Leadership & IT Institute- Malawi’s only dedicated IT school with over 600 graduates annually. Our internship course gives you an opportunity to avail of global standard, quality online lessons whilst also supporting Social Enterprise.

The Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise

Jeffrey Mitini-Nkhoma
Jeffrey is Principal at the St. John Paul II Leadership & IT Institute, part of the Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise. He holds a Degree in Computing and Information Systems, Diploma in Computer Engineering and is currently Studying for Ms in Information Systems and Business Analytics. Jeffrey is a gifted Trainer and responsible for Leadership & Life Skills lessons.

Jeffrey Mitini-Nkhoma

Eunice M. Kumwenda
Eunice teaches Community Development & Business Management courses at the St. John Paul II Leadership & IT Institute, part of the Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise. Eunice holds a Degree in Education with English as a major and a double minor in Chichewa and Music. Eunice is responsible for Community Development and Life Skills lessons.

Eunice M. Kumwenda

Course Content

1. Charity & Social Enterprise

Interns learn about the concepts of Charity & Social Enterprise online and through instructor-led group discussions. We also provide online resources for self-study and periodically review each intern’s understanding & progress.

2. Business English

All live lessons are delivered by native English speakers who themselves use English to conduct business globally. Lesson materials are delivered through a blend of instructor-led lessons, self-study materials and group work.

3. Life Skills

Professional instructors from the St. John Paul II Leadership & IT Institute in Malawi deliver live lessons on topics ranging from Leadership Skills to Computing & Information Systems. In addition to learning new skills the intern can contribute first-hand to the social mission of a Social Enterprise dedicated to creating employment in Malawi.

4. Community Development

Interns also avail of live lessons from professional instructors from Malawi to help understand the impact of community development in reducing poverty- the starting point for anyone considering a career in a non-profit organisation, international aid, etc.

5. Internship Project

To complete the Internship Course the intern will be asked to make a presentation in English live to an an international audience using skills & knowledge learned on the Course. The intern may choose to present on a Mobell Group business, brand, social enterprise or charity or to make an academic presentation comparing the issues in their country with those in Malawi, the UK or Poland, etc.

Experience an Overseas Internship & Improve your Career Prospects

The Internship Course offered by the UK headquartered Mobell Group enables you to learn about Social Enterprise, Business English and to learn valuable Life Skills that will increase your value in a global workplace.

Social Enterprise is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and work experience in this field will increase your chances of attaining a coveted college space or dream job. A certificate of completion is issued to all successful interns which can be added to your resume/CV.

How it Works

All lessons are delivered online. Almost half the course is delivered in real-time with instructor-led group discussions. The remaining time requires the intern to self-study materials provided by the Mobell Group for which each intern will be assessed through a medium of live sessions and interactive quiz sessions.

For those who require foreign language assistance please get in contact with your requirements.

Intern Testimonials

"I interned at Seibo Japan in Summer 2019. It was a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience of marketing in the non-profit sector- especially using digital tools. I was involved in fun projects including a Rugby World Cup promotion with another intern. The experience enhanced my digital skills and proficiency in graphic design software. Because Seibo Japan (a charity) works closely with Mobell I also got to see how a charity and business can work together. These experiences and skills I have built helped me to secure roles after I returned to the UK."

- Jioh Kim (Korean student in UK University)

Jioh Kim

"I interned at a Mobell Group enterprise, and was surprised at how much I learned about charity and the behind the scenes of such an organization. The internship taught me a lot about different cultures and how to work together with others from different backgrounds. It also helped me to learn many of the organizational and practical skills that have been so necessary in not only my work life, but my personal life as well! I feel like it was truly a life changing experience and have recommended the experience to just about everyone I know!"

- R. Tanner G (USA Intern, Autumn 2019)

R. Tanner G

"My internship at Mobal and Seibo Japan gave me the chance to try things for the first time that, up until then, I had only learnt about in my degree. That kind of practical experience at a real business with a real purpose was so valuable, and helped me land my first full-time job afterwards. The new perspectives that I gained about charity and being open-minded to different cultures are ones I will remember forever."

- Meagan Kupke (Australian University Student, Summer 2019)

Meagan Kupke

"Throughout my undergraduate degree I was seeking ways to enrich my experience and bolster my employability. Mobell granted me this, allowing me to apply the skills I learnt at university in an international setting. Mobell has given me confidence in my profession and an international perspective on how business operates. This experience separated me from other commerce graduates, opening pathways that have accelerated my career."

- Chris Border (Australian University Student, Spring 2019)

Chris Border

Time Commitment & Duration

To complete the internship course an estimated 100 hours is required over a period of 6 x weeks. However, course content & the internship project can be tailored to the intern’s needs and as such required hours and duration of internship can be tailored to the individual intern’s needs.

Course Fees

Fees are dependent on course commitment & duration. For a quote please contact us by email at: intern@mobell.com

As a company with a social purpose we commit to using all profits raised through our online internship course for social and charitable purposes such as developing social enterprise ventures at the Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise or to fund vital school meals through charity partners in Malawi.

Conditions of Application

The Mobell internship course is delivered online with almost half of the course lessons delivered live in the English language. The remaining lessons are completed by the intern in their own time. In addition the intern will be required to work on an internship project individually or as part of an assigned team for which they will present their findings in English. As such the following conditions apply.

Compulsory Requirements

  • Ability to communicate in English (CEFR B1)
  • Have internet access and laptop/PC with internet connection

Optional Requirements

  • An interest in Social Enterprise & Charity
  • Good organisational skills
  • Research skills
  • Familiarity with presentation software and experience of presenting

How to Apply

Contact us by email at: intern@mobell.com

  • Ideal time commitment and duration
  • Details of your current occupation
  • Explain the reason the internship course is of interest

Contact Us

For all internship course-related questions please email us at: intern@mobell.com