About Us

Mobell Group is a family of brands and charities, dedicated to providing travelers with connection solutions that keep them in touch with home, and investing the proceeds into ensuring that disadvantaged children are fed, and turning underdeveloped communities into hotbeds of opportunity.

Who We Are

Since the 1980s, when we began renting the then cutting edge cellular phone technology to businesses that needed to keep connected from hard-to-reach locations, Mobell Group has been at the forefront of mobile phone supply.

Now we are proud to be providing a suite of global connectivity solutions, including specialised services which allow both long and short term travelers to Japan, as well as Japanese speakers in the USA, to keep in touch with home through a network that supports them in their native language. That’s on top of our internationally renowned World Phone and SIM products, which have allowed international jetsetters to use a single device wherever they are in the world, without incurring roaming charges.

Why We Do What We Do

Mobell Group was founded by current chairman Tony Smith, a lifelong international traveller, who was frustrated by the difficulty of keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues while travelling overseas.

When the first mobile phones were developed, Tony spotted a solution to his communication problems, and since then he has constantly sought the highest quality in costs, services and technology while maintaining that the service be simple to use.

For decades, Mobell Group has been in the business of giving to charities. Over more than a decade, we have grown a network of charitable partners, which means that today, we make the group-wide promise that profits generated will be invested into a greater good to change the world and to build Mobell Group into a higher-purpose organisation.

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